Ziibiwan is an experimental electronic producer living in Toronto. He breaks down his Time Limits EP.

Hear the Time Limits EP here and listen to “Bodies In the River,” his protest song about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Here’s a  video trailer for Time Limits.

Jarrett Martineau talks about how Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) evolved from an online community to a cutting-edge record label. He and his skeleton crew are working to bring modern, experimental Indigenous music to a wide audience. Go to RPM’s website for news, interviews, podcasts and more information about the label. Jarrett will be hosting the show Reclaimed on CBC starting July 4th.

This show also featured clips from the songs:

“If Only” by Teeks

“Stadium Pow Wow” by A Tribe Called Red, feat. Black Bear

“The Carny” by William Prince

“How to Steal a Canoe” by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. Hear our interview with Leanne from last fall.

“Glenn” by Uyarakq

“Don’t Tell Me” by WEEDRAT


Photo: Becki Johnson of WEEDRAT; by Hotvlkuce Harjo

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