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Four months after the first outbreak in a Canadian nursing home, over 7000 long-term residents have died of COVID-19. But if you look at the news or social media or our political debates, it seems like we’ve already moved on. Maybe that’s because it feels like this kind of tragedy was inevitable during a pandemic. It wasn’t. And we know that because in some places in Canada, politicians and public health officials made decisions that saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives.


COMMONS: Pandemic is currently focusing on how COVID-19 is affecting long-term care in Canada.

Featured in this episode: Samir Sinha, Isobel Mackenzie, Michael Schwandt, Kieran Moore


To learn more:

“If you can get your relatives out of seniors’ homes, try to do so as fast as you can” by André Picard in The Globe and Mail

“With an early focus on seniors’ residences, Kingston has so far avoided the brunt of COVID-19” by Karen Howlett in The Globe and Mail

Luck and timing: How B.C. has managed to avoid the worst-case COVID-19 scenario by Briar Stewart in CBC News


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