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#53 OPPO Goes Nuclear

By popular demand, we take a look at nuclear energy in Canada. Plus a check-in with the bubbling oilsands of resentment that is Western Alienation Corner, and OPPO’s newest segment: Andrew Scheer Leadership Deathwatch.

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#52 The Guy Behind Ontario Proud

A very special interview with the person behind your least favourite meme pages, Ontario Proud and Canada Proud. Plus, an update on Canada-China relations by way of an interview with two Hong Kong pro-democracy figures.

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#51 Ministry Of Pandering

We take a look at the Liberal government’s cabinet appointments, check in on the scandals and simmering resentment in Canada's "West," and read some highlights from the listener mailbag.

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#50 – 50 Things We Want From The 43rd Parliament

For our 50th episode, we have 50 demands for the government.

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#49 Lisa Raitt’s Conservative Party Autopsy

The former deputy leader of the Conservative Party just lost her seat. She opens up about what went wrong in the election.

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#48 Useful Losers

A look at the smaller parties' fates, a farewell to Elizabeth May, and the cabinet prediction that's giving Justin nightmares.

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#47 Is Scheer Done?

Jen's back! And she's kept a list of the worst election moments. Plus, will the Conservatives kick out Andrew Scheer? And what the rest of Canada needs to know about #Wexit.

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#46 About Last Night

OPPO breaks down the election results from the midst of the Liberal victory (sort of) party.

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