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#49 Lisa Raitt’s Conservative Party Autopsy

The former deputy leader of the Conservative Party just lost her seat. She opens up about what went wrong in the election.

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#48 Useful Losers

A look at the smaller parties' fates, a farewell to Elizabeth May, and the cabinet prediction that's giving Justin nightmares.

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#47 Is Scheer Done?

Jen's back! And she's kept a list of the worst election moments. Plus, will the Conservatives kick out Andrew Scheer? And what the rest of Canada needs to know about #Wexit.

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#46 About Last Night

OPPO breaks down the election results from the midst of the Liberal victory (sort of) party.

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# 45 We Haven’t Gotten To Truth Yet

It's a pre-election bonus OPPO! We talk about the party platforms and issues that actually matter to Indigenous peoples this election.

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#44 Oppo’s Big Queer Foreign Policy Extravaganza!

What do the federal parties say about LGBTQ issues? (No, we're not talking about gay marriage). And uh...why is no one talking about foreign policy?

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#43 The First Official Leaders’ Debate

We survived debate night! Mostly. Plus, we break down the parties' environmental platforms with energy and environmental economist Andrew Leach.

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#42 Coasts With The Mosts

Why does Trudeau want an underwater tunnel to Newfoundland? Who has the biggest battle in British Columbia? OPPO goes east and west for an election view from Canada's edges. 

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