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#55 Canada Gets Kicked In The Teeth

Jen Gerson and Sandy Garossino break down where exactly Canada fits amid the ongoing hostilities between Iran and the U.S., and then discuss the prospect of a royal relocation.

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#54 The Biggest Resignation Of The Year

Andrew “Everybody’s Second Choice” Scheer is no longer the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. OPPO unpacks the latest in Western Alienation and takes a deep dive into the most significant political resignation of the year.

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#53 OPPO Goes Nuclear

By popular demand, we take a look at nuclear energy in Canada. Plus a check-in with the bubbling oilsands of resentment that is Western Alienation Corner, and OPPO’s newest segment: Andrew Scheer Leadership Deathwatch.

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#52 The Guy Behind Ontario Proud

A very special interview with the person behind your least favourite meme pages, Ontario Proud and Canada Proud. Plus, an update on Canada-China relations by way of an interview with two Hong Kong pro-democracy figures.

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#51 Ministry Of Pandering

We take a look at the Liberal government’s cabinet appointments, check in on the scandals and simmering resentment in Canada's "West," and read some highlights from the listener mailbag.

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#50 – 50 Things We Want From The 43rd Parliament

For our 50th episode, we have 50 demands for the government.

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#49 Lisa Raitt’s Conservative Party Autopsy

The former deputy leader of the Conservative Party just lost her seat. She opens up about what went wrong in the election.

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#48 Useful Losers

A look at the smaller parties' fates, a farewell to Elizabeth May, and the cabinet prediction that's giving Justin nightmares.

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