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#12 Doug Ford Vs. The Arts

August 8, 2019

While the public has loudly protested funding cuts to areas like education and autism support, cuts to arts and culture have gotten less attention. So how are the arts doing under the Ford Government? What are they supporting? And what art does Doug Ford actually like?

Globe And Mail Cutting Weekday Arts, Life, Sports Sections

August 29, 2017

The paper will be down to just news and business as standalone sections at least four days a week

Failing Up, Pt. 2

May 25, 2016

When it came to Canadian arts administration, Jeff Melanson was the king. Until his messy annulment papers from frozen food heiress Eleanor McCain alleged that he left more than just administrative damage in his wake from the National Ballet School, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Banff Centre for the Arts. Anne Kingston dives deep into the hushed world of Canadian arts institutions.

SHORT CUTS – Why I Miss Rob Ford

March 25, 2016

Stephen Marche co-hosts on coverage of Rob Ford in life and death, CBC funding and CBC’s pledge to eliminate anonymous comments.

Failing Up

March 21, 2016

Jeff Melanson was the Canadian arts & culture institution’s golden boy,  a “rock star arts administrator,” feted by the press and given prestigious positions at Canada’s top art institutions. Then he made a mess during his tenure at the Banff Centre, and has since been accused by his estranged wife of all sorts of professional … Continued

SHORT CUTS – Rap Amnesty for Wab Kinew

March 9, 2016

As Wab Kinew campaigns in Manitoba, the media has seized on his misogynistic rap lyrics from the past. A reporter for The Rebel claims she was doused in pee and the story only gets stupider the closer you look. And have we reached peak Justin Trudeau?


February 24, 2016

About that thing with Scaachi…

SHORT CUTS – Poondits

February 17, 2016

Music critic Chandler Levack joins Jesse to talk about The Rebel, Canadian coverage of the Grammys and a decline in news consumption.

George Elliott Clarke: A Polyphony of Canadian Blacknesses

February 15, 2016

The Parliamentary Poet Laureate talks about working for a pioneering black MP, Canada’s multitude of black histories and his problem with telephone companies.

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