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SHORT CUTS – Trump Refugees Stay Home

March 3, 2016

On Americans threatening to move to Canada, Viceland and why skinny basic is awful.

The Unbundling

January 3, 2016

It’s a brutal time for the Canadian television industry and it’s about to get worse.

MuchMusic isn’t dead, but we should probably kill it

July 28, 2014

Show notes Episode Rundown   0:42 The eulogies of MuchMusic (link) (link) (link) 01:50 Greg O’Brien, Editor & publisher of (link) 03:12 Moses Znaimer (link) 03:28 Peter Nygard (link) 04:58 “…under their CRTC licence, they have to air 12 hours of music videos everyday. They accepted that when they took ownership of the licence. … Continued

MuchMusic isn’t dead, but we should probably kill it

July 27, 2014

MuchMusic and dozens of other specialty channels collect millions of dollars a year from subscribers who didn’t ask for them and don’t watch them. Meanwhile, channels are laying off their staffs and producing less meaningful content than ever. Is it time to cut the cord on the protected cable business?

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