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#52 The Guy Behind Ontario Proud

December 3, 2019

A very special interview with the person behind your least favourite meme pages, Ontario Proud and Canada Proud. Plus, an update on Canada-China relations by way of an interview with two Hong Kong pro-democracy figures.

The CANADALAND Guide To New Popular, Populist Political Media

January 6, 2019

A wave of new operations will be looking to sway voters in the lead-up to this fall’s federal election

Ontario Proud and Prejudice

December 12, 2018

Did Canada make the right call by arresting Huawei’s CFO? Or was it the perfect time for a little “creative incompetence.” And new details about Ontario Proud’s “grassroots,” people powered funding reveal the people are mostly corporations. 

Ontario Proud’s Election Advertising Was Mostly Funded By Developers

December 11, 2018

Nearly all the funds received by the “grassroots” group came from several large corporate donors

The Paunch Resistance

November 14, 2018

The most controversial Maclean’s cover in years, Ontario Proud’s leaked fundraising documents, and Justin Trudeau becomes the latest champion of the free press.

Member Of Parliament

November 7, 2018

Debunking the Munk Debates, Tony Clement’s sordid social media habits, and Ontario Proud goes national.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Year In Review

June 25, 2018

The honeymoon for Trudeau’s honeymoon is over. We take a look at the batshit year that was, and leave things in a light and summery mood by discussing child detention.

That Text You Got From Ontario Proud Is Part Of A Voter ID Campaign

June 5, 2018

But the right-wing group won’t say how many people it’s contacted or how they got their numbers.

Ontario Proud Frequently Threatens Online Critics With Legal Action

May 1, 2018

But it appears that the anti-Liberal political group has never gotten to the point of following through.

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sussex Street

April 3, 2018

Guns! Abortion! Now more OPPO than ever! Jen and Justin take on firearm legislation and the summer jobs funding attestation before asking Ontario NDP candidate Marit Stiles how her party plans on not losing in this election.

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