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How Justin Trudeau Is Failing Journalists

March 6, 2017

On matters of surveillance, source protection, and access to information, there are concrete things the government could be doing but isn’t.

A Federal Minister Explains why the Government Creeps your Facebook

May 18, 2015

Harper cabinet member Tony Clement describes how government outsources social media monitoring of the public. Is it legal? He’s not sure yet.

Glenn Greenwald Knows Things About Canada

October 28, 2014

An on-stage interview with Pultizer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald on his troubled relationship with the Canadian media and what he knows but has yet to report on CSEC spying.

EXCLUSIVE: CBC “stonewalled” Snowden story, says Greenwald

October 23, 2014

CANADALAND has learned that last year the CBC acquired NSA documents describing a major CSEC surveillance program, but the public broadcaster has been sitting on this news for over nine months, with no immediate plans to publish.

How Canada’s Spies Game the Media

March 24, 2014

CSEC is shadier than the NSA. Nobody really knows what they are doing, including the Ministers who empower them and the judges who grant them warrants. They spy on Canadians and lie to the press and to the Courts. Globe and Mail reporter Colin Freeze talks about the frustrations of covering a secret institution.

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