The Rebel Claims They Moved Their Rally Due To Threats. The Original Venue Says That’s False.

All Of Our 2016 Corrections (And One Clarification)

CANADALAND 2016 Transparency Report

Rogers blocked text messages containing the word “uber”

How to make a lazy narrative fit your desired hot take

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SHORT CUTS – The Triumph Of Joe Trudeau

PMJT flew all the way to Washington, DC, for a handshake. Not sure if anything else of consequence happened while he was there. Really, the handshake was the key.

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Pineapple Pizzagate

Emily M. Keeler listens to one song seven times a day, goes on Instagram and ends up in the Twilight Zone, and looks for gopher holes in poetry.

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Don’t Fling Mud At The Scud Stud

In 2008, political pundit Don Martin penned a negative screed against former NBC wartime correspondent and – at the time – Alberta provincial electoral candidate Arthur Kent, aka the Scud Stud. Convinced that Martin had violated basic journalistic ethics, Kent took him and the CanWest newspaper chain (later Postmedia) to court for defamation of character. Eight … Continued

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