Nova Scotia Paper Shows How Not To Report On Suicide

What Journalists Should Keep In Mind Covering Anti-Fascist Protests

Here’s What CBC Staff Told Their Bosses About The Need For Diversity

For Future Use: An Obituary For Conrad Black

Globe And Mail Axes Tabatha Southey, Leah McLaren

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TIFF Is A Monster That’s Eating Itself

Every year, Toronto hosts some of the biggest stars in Hollywood as they debut their new films. But is the Toronto International Film Festival actually good for the city?

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SHORTCUTS – We Support You, Hostile Idiot!

Jagmeet Singh gracefully responded to a racist idiot, which proves he can lead a major political party we guess. Also, racism is totally not a problem anymore, according to the most widely-read columnists in the country.

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Guy Caron, Guaranteed Income And Climate Refugees

Welcome back to a brand-new season of Commons! To kick things off, the Commons team is profiling each of the four candidates vying to replace Thomas Mulcair as leader of the federal NDP. This week, we speak with Guy Caron. Also, we look at the summer political stories that evolved while we were on hiatus: … Continued

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