The Media’s The Problem

New Federal Initiatives For Canadian Journalism

How The Kielburgers Handle The Press

Are Student Journalists “Real” Journalists?

Craig Kielburger Founded WE To Fight Child Labour. Now The WE Brand Promotes Products Made By Children.

All Of WE’s Answers To CANADALAND (And Letters From Their Lawyers)

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The Media’s The Problem

Despite bringing the horrifying events at a private school in Toronto to the attention of police, the media have been getting some backlash from parents. A CBC columnist dared to call out the CBC on its Facebook practices, and Jesse makes some connections on the CANADALAND conspiracy cork board.

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The Fascists Are Calling From Inside The House

What is going on with conservatives across the country? And what the hell is Stephen Harper doing on the Ben Shapiro show?

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Is The Media Afraid Of The Kielburgers?

The Kielburgers’ WE Movement has enjoyed more than 20 years of glowing press. They also have partnerships with 38 media organizations and a history of aggressive responses to criticism. Reporter Jaren Kerr speaks with Jesse about his investigation of WE’s media relations.   — Audio of Craig Kielburger’s 1996 press conference addressing Saturday Night magazine’s cover … Continued

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