Follow Up: John Furlong

Assembly of First Nations Votes to Press Government for New John Furlong Investigation

Toronto Star Columnist Charged With Assaulting Woman, Says “Children Involved”

Saskatchewan Police May Finally Open Their Records to the Public

Yellowknife Court Reporter on Trial for Obstructing Police

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SHORT CUTS #80 – Gerbils Are Eating Their Young

The world is doomed, a comedian is fined for a joke and the Ottawa Citizen tells us white privilege is not a thing.

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Canadian Police Are Racist Too

There’s been a lot of attention on police violence against Black people in the U.S. How different is Canada's policing system?

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Follow Up: John Furlong

John Furlong has been accused of abusing dozens of First Nations children when he was a teacher in Burns Lake in the 1960s. Journalist Laura Robinson told this story and ended up on the wrong side of a defamation lawsuit. Last week, the Assembly of First Nations put forward a resolution to pressure the federal government … Continued

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