The Heart Says No

Brampton councillor backs off controversial media motion

Brampton Councillors Want City To Publish All Inquiries From Journalists

Canada Is About To Get A Press-Shield Law

Rebel Media Correspondent Arrested For Disrupting Julius Caesar In Central Park

We’ve Been Barred From The Rebel’s Conference On Saturday

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The Heart Says No

In the new season of The Heart podcast, Kaitlin Prest gets men to open up about that time when they didn't get consent, but did it anyway. We ask how she pulled it off.

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SHORT CUTS: Quote Governor General Unquote

Governor General David Johnston issued a mea culpa over his radio interview in which he refers to Indigenous peoples as immigrants. Postmedia did not issue mea culpas for poorly-researched racist screeds in its Vancouver and Toronto outlets. Instead, they continue to rattle the cup in front of the federal government for bailout money. Finally, the National Post … Continued

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The Images Are Merciless

Iraqi photojournalist Ali Arkady thought he was documenting the “good guys” — the non-sectarian forces fighting Daesh for the preservation of Iraq. Instead, Arkady witnessed abuse, torture, and murder committed by the Emergency Response Division. After fleeing Iraq with his family, Arkady partnered with the Toronto Star and ABC News to have his work see the … Continued

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