These Appear To Be The Toronto Sun’s Provincial Election Plans

What’s Going On With CJFE

What’s Happening To The Online Archives Of Metro Ottawa And Winnipeg

CBC Repurposes Advertisement As Programming

Facebook Still Doesn’t Get It

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The Indoctrination Of Alexandre Bissonnette

A look at the media diet of Alexandre Bissonnette, charged with the January, 2017 terror attack at a Quebec City mosque that killed six and wounded nineteen, plus Facebook continues its Canadian outreach program.

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Decentralized Hot Mess

You've got a better shot getting a drink than information from the government's open data infrastructure, Jason Kenney goes full (okay, not full) Mel Gibson, and an interview with Jocelyn Coulon, whose new book explains what's wrong with Trudeau's foreign policy.

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Journalism On Trial

We hear from two Canadian journalists currently facing legal consequences for doing their jobs. The outcomes of these cases could set precedents for how the press is allowed to operate.

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