Untangling The Reporting On Patrick Brown

Confessions Of A Former Toronto Star Intern

Toronto Star Suspending Internship Programs Indefinitely

Gerald Stanley And The Fear Of The “Indian”

New Brunswick Student Paper Laughs Off Critics Of Nazi Op-Ed

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Patrick Brown vs His Reputation

The Gerald Stanley verdict was a crucial moment – was the media equal to it? Was Patrick Brown set-up by CTV? And why is the newspaper bailout a thing again? Danielle Paradis co-hosts from Edmonton

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Our Mis(education): the Erasure of Blackness in Canadian Schools

"Only a few decades after slavery was abolished, you already had, in textbooks in Ontario, the removal of references of history of slavery in Canada, but still many examples of realities of slavery in the United States. This idea of identifying racism as an American phenomenon is an important part of how Canadian racism articulates itself."

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Robert Jago: Decolonizing Canada In His Spare Time

After ending the campaigns of several Tory candidates with his muckraking during the 2015 federal election, Macleans dubbed Robert Jago, “the most dangerous blogger in Canada”. The next year, Jago broke the Joseph Boyden scandal, and this past January he exposed Senator Lynn Beyak for publishing racist letters on her website, which resulted in her ousting … Continued

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