Ezra’s Very Bad Week

Ezra Levant Announces Plan To “Reboot” The Rebel

Here’s What’s Wrong With CBC Radio

Former Rebel Contributors Accuse Ezra Levant Of “Doxxing” Them

Faith Goldy Fired From The Rebel

Ezra Levant’s Friend Who Negotiated Caolan Robertson’s Rebel Exit Was Kory Teneycke

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Ezra’s Very Bad Week

It’s been, to put it mildly, a shit week for Rebel Media’s self-styled ‘Rebel Commander’ Ezra Levant: – Following the tragedy in Charlottesville last weekend, Rebel Media co-founder Brian Lilley, and periodic columnists Barbara Kay and John Robson all severed their ties to the organization; – By Thursday it was learned that Rebel mainstay and … Continued

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SHORT CUTS – Rebel Meltdown

Ezra Levant attempts to distance his far right website The Rebel from the alt-right, claiming he's just learned that the movement is for racists. And a long strike at Nova Scotia's largest newspaper ends, as some seriously shitty journalistic practices by replacement workers come to light.

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Bleeding Edge Outrage Meme Generators

Immediately following the election of Donald Trump south of the border, Craig Silverman and the team at Buzzfeed wrote the defining article on fake news, showing that completely fabricated stories like ‘Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS’ actually outperformed legitimate political coverage from the likes of the New York Times on Facebook And now the term ‘fake … Continued

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