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Things Joseph Boyden Has Claimed To Be But Is Not

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The Killing of Colten Boushie (Live in Saskatoon)

In the wake of Colten Boushie's death, Jesse discusses racial tensions in Saskatoon with panelists Betty Ann Adam, Rob Innes, and Mylan Tootoosis. Recorded live at Winterruption in Cosmo Seniors Centre on January 20th, 2017.

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SHORT CUTS — You Cannot Embarrass Us Into Voting Rationally

Christy Clark gets written up in the NYTimes for accepting $50,000 from the BC Liberals. Justin Trudeau enjoys identifying with immigrants on occasion. Student activists pull the old bait-and-switch on Justin Trudeau. Kevin O'Leary enters the Conservative leadership campaign.

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Remembering Subservient Chicken

Author Pasha Malla recommends one of his favourite novels, the song that makes him speed, the band he was overly keen towards and an athlete's face.

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