My Awkward Date With Sarah Polley

In Defence Of Ad Hominem

Rebel Media Loses Another High-Profile Contributor

Rebel Staffer Helping Run Campaign Of “Extreme” Anti-Islam Figure Trying To Take Over UKIP

Nova Scotia Paper Shows How Not To Report On Suicide

What Journalists Should Keep In Mind Covering Anti-Fascist Protests

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My Awkward Date With Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley talks about how she helped Jesse break a major story. And she discusses domestic abuse, sexual harassment and assault, and the culture that fuels it.

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SHORT CUTS – Sour Gas, Racist Soap

A sour note on a huge investigation into sour gas, coverage of the Liberals' tax plan and the sneaky way CBC journalists can criticize the CBC.

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Why We Need Higher Taxes, A Canadian Mt. Rushmore And A Population Of 100 Million

The Liberals put forth a proposal to tax the hell out of small businesses. At least that’s how it’s being painted by the Opposition. In reality, the proposed changes would have virtually zero impact on the majority of small business owners, but would focus on self-incorporated doctors. And it wouldn’t raise their taxes, per se, … Continued

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