Daniel Dale

Quebec Media Shuts Racialized People Out Of Discussions Of Racism

In Defence Of Ad Hominem

Rebel Media Loses Another High-Profile Contributor

Rebel Staffer Helping Run Campaign Of “Extreme” Anti-Islam Figure Trying To Take Over UKIP

Nova Scotia Paper Shows How Not To Report On Suicide

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Daniel Dale

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale has become one of the most-watched journalists in Washington in part by simply enumerating Donald Trump’s lies (Dale counted 720 as of last week). He got his start covering pomp and fatuousness by being the Star’s reporter in charge of following the Rob Ford administration. This episode was recorded live at … Continued

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SHORTCUTS – Andrew Scheer Does Not Want His Name In Headlines With The Rebel

The Conservative Leader doesn't like being asked about his ties to The Rebel. Plus, coverage of Gord Downie's death and freed hostage Joshua Boyle.

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My Awkward Date With Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley talks about how she helped Jesse break a major story. And she discusses domestic abuse, sexual harassment and assault, and the culture that fuels it.

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