Fact-Checking Jian Ghomeshi’s Comeback Attempt

The Case Of TIFF’s Disappearing Louis C.K. Podcast

How TIFF Rejected A Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood

Daniel Dale On Trump, Bloomberg, And What “Off The Record” Really Means

Right-Wing Commentators With A Persecution Complex Is Nothing New

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Chip Zdarsky On Marvel Money And The Canadian Comics Boom

Guest Host Chip Zdarsky (Spectacular Spiderman, Sex Criminals) is joined by Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) co-founder and longtime friend, Chris Butcher. They discuss the state of the Canadian comic book industry, what it’s like to work for Marvel, TCAF’s far-reaching influence, The Beguiling, and the void that Koyama Press’ departure will create in the comic publishing world. Image … Continued

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Last Man Notwithstanding

A look at how the Ford government's notwithstanding invocation has been covered by the press, as well as a look at the spurious media diet of the alleged Fredericton shooter.

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What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Notwithstanding?

Doug Ford won't let some silly Charter get in his way! Just two and a half months in, he's poised to use a rare and extreme measure to win a petty legal battle.

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