Summer Dump

Halifax’s Frank Magazine Charged With Violating Publication Ban In Child-protection Case

Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones’s Infowars

Resisting The Post’s Effort To Demean Indigenous Knowledge

Rebel Media Admits To Plagiarism By Former Correspondent

CBC Admits Botching Gavin McInnes Interview On Power & Politics

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Summer Dump

New facts about Andrew Potter’s abrupt departure from McGill after his Maclean’s diatribe about Quebec, and what happened after Leah McLaren’s column about attempting to breastfeed Michael Chong’s baby was spiked.

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SHORT CUTS: Shopping Khadr To Fox News

The Conservative Party takes their latest wedge issue to the US media, a Quebec town won't let Muslims bury their dead and Trudeau lays out some hot summer jams. BuzzFeed's Elamin Abdelmahmoud co-hosts.

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15 Years Covering Omar Khadr

Michelle Shephard has been covering Omar Khadr since the beginning. She talks to guest host Omar Mouallem about what the media keeps getting wrong about the story.

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