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A Message About the Future of COMMONS

We have news.

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A Hodge Podge of Political Hacks: Inside the War Room

We go behind the scenes in Canadian politics with Lisa and Warren Kinsella, who share stories of Liberal war rooms and "dirty rotten lobbyists."

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A Hat Trick of Deceit: First Nations and the LNG Project

On last week's show, Bloomberg's Josh Wingrove predicted energy projects would put an end to the Trudeau government's honeymoon. Now we have a test case.

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Drunk on Liberal Power / Kellie Leitch on Anti-Canadian Values

Conservative leadership contender Kellie Leitch calls Trudeau a "Canadian identity denier" and defends her idea of screening immigrants for their values. Plus, a look at the year ahead in Parliament.

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Conservative Leadership Showdown Part 2: Tony Clement & Maxime Bernier

Our quest to get to know all the Conservative leadership contenders continues with Tony Clement and Maxime Bernier.

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Conservative Leadership Showdown Part 1: Michael Chong & Brad Trost

Over the summer, Vicky and Supriya set out to interview all of the candidates for the leader of Conservative Party. Here are their interviews with Michael Chong and Brad Trost.

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When Your Councillor Spams You on Facebook

A listener thinks a city councillor is using his platform to make money. The councillor gets philosophical. We get to the bottom of it.

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When CSIS Comes Knocking pt. 2

Earlier this summer, we heard about CSIS agents making unannounced visits to Muslims. Now, one of those men joins us.

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