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Canada's most popular politics podcast, the only politics show in the country for people who hate politics. Hosted by Ryan McMahon and Hadiya Roderique.

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  • Hadiya Roderique
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Canadian History X

As a teen, Elisa Hategan joined Canada's most notorious and well-organized white supremacist group, the Heritage Front. What can we learn from the past about how white supremacists operate today? And what do we do about all these Nazis?

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Stories From Solitude

Two stories take us inside solitary confinement cells across Canada.

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Unconstitutional Solitude

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Finding A Fix: Our Opioid Overdose Crisis

“I tried to count up the amount of people that I knew who had died from overdose. I got to fifty, and I just had to stop. You get used to it. It’s like it becomes normal.”

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Our Mis(education): the Erasure of Blackness in Canadian Schools

"Only a few decades after slavery was abolished, you already had, in textbooks in Ontario, the removal of references of history of slavery in Canada, but still many examples of realities of slavery in the United States. This idea of identifying racism as an American phenomenon is an important part of how Canadian racism articulates itself."

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Unknown Road: Inside Immigration Detention

Each year, thousands of people are indefinitely jailed in prisons without any criminal charges. Babou was one of them.  

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Throwing Shade at 2017: A Political Awards Show

We look back on some notably weird political moments of 2017 and collectively cringe.

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Invisible Victims: The Quest for Police Accountability

"It was bad enough that I had lost my daughter. But the interaction with the police was even worse." A miniseries on policing.

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