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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New Short Cuts every Thursday.


  • Jesse Brown


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Terrible Documentary Silenced by Basic Decency

On CBC blunders and small town censorship. Joey Coleman co-hosts.

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SHORT CUTS – News From The Upside Down

The Globe and Mail expands into less, alt-right women are tired of the misogyny of alt-right men and a prominent Canadian liberal looks awfully silly on Fox News.

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SHORT CUTS – I’ll Kill Your Newspapers If You Kill Mine

It's a terrible week for local news, VICELAND is probably over and the Financial Post fans the flames of climate change skepticism.

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SHORT CUTS – Goddamnit, Fine, Let’s Talk About Jordan Peterson

We can't avoid it any longer.

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SHORT CUTS – The Erotic Adventures of Bill Morneau

Bill Morneau tries to turn down the heat through tales of his spicy past, CBC takes a stand for landlord rights and Jagmeet Singh gets into slam poetry.

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SHORT CUTS – Team Kill Rich People

CBC's The National re-launches, powerful Canadians get caught up in the latest financial leak and a racial confrontation at a Halifax concert becomes international news.

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SHORT CUTS – Weekend With Bernie

Canada's weekend with Bernie, Bill Morneau's conflicts of interest and the so-called "Ghomeshi Rules" that could change how the courts deal with sexual assault cases.

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SHORT CUTS – Distorted Sermon, Coercive Mattress

Quebec's Bill 62, the dangerous media manipulation of an imam's speech, Dalhousie's free speech controversy and a bizarre mattress saga that people are demanding we respond to.

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