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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New Short Cuts every Thursday.


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SHORT CUTS — You Cannot Embarrass Us Into Voting Rationally

Christy Clark gets written up in the NYTimes for accepting $50,000 from the BC Liberals. Justin Trudeau enjoys identifying with immigrants on occasion. Student activists pull the old bait-and-switch on Justin Trudeau. Kevin O'Leary enters the Conservative leadership campaign.

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SHORT CUTS — Successful Pile of Garbage

Buzzfeed released a dossier of compromising information about Trump. John Furlong is reinstated as a UBC speaker. Disclosures aren't Jon Kay's strong suit.

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SHORT CUTS — Joseph Boyden: Two Worlds, Two Debates

Joseph Boyden is a celebrated, award-winning indigenous novelist - who might not actually be native.

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SHORT CUTS – How To Cry At Work

CBC's The Current is providing helpful tips for women to succeed in the workplace, including how not to cry.

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SHORT CUTS – Ezra Issues A Fatwa

Journalist Haley Jarmain received death threats at a Rebel rally, and Ezra Levant doesn’t believe her. Should we rethink political journalism in the post-truth era?

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SHORT CUTS – Cuddler of Democracy

Canadian protestors imitate angry Americans, the Liberals get into the online quiz biz and Toronto Life's profile of Star reporter Raveena Aulakh. Danielle Paradis of Metro Edmonton co-hosts.

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SHORT CUTS – #NotAllTyrants

VICE's Justin Ling joins Jesse to talk about Trudeau's praise of Castro, the RCMP's public relations maneuvering and the CBC's proposal to go ad-free.

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SHORT CUTS – CanLit Clusterfuck

Co-host Sheila Heti talks about signing, then retracting her name from a letter that's put the CanLit scene in turmoil. And should CBC go ad-free?

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