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SHORT CUTS – I’m Done With You On This Topic

Refugees continue to stream across the Canada-U.S. border, presumably for photo-ops with smiling Canadian Mounties. Also, Milo Yiannopoulos finally finds the nail on which conservative Americans can hang him.

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SHORT CUTS – The Triumph Of Joe Trudeau

PMJT flew all the way to Washington, DC, for a handshake. Not sure if anything else of consequence happened while he was there. Really, the handshake was the key.

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SHORT CUTS — How To Exploit A Massacre

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SHORT CUTS – I Miss Polite Canadian Racism

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SHORT CUTS — Stunts and Manhunts

What can Harper-era journalism teach us about covering Trump? CBC Marketplace sold a white power t-shirt. The Rebel really loves manhunts. O'Leary says all his old television appearances were reality TV.

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SHORT CUTS — You Cannot Embarrass Us Into Voting Rationally

Christy Clark gets written up in the NYTimes for accepting $50,000 from the BC Liberals. Justin Trudeau enjoys identifying with immigrants on occasion. Student activists pull the old bait-and-switch on Justin Trudeau. Kevin O'Leary enters the Conservative leadership campaign.

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SHORT CUTS — Successful Pile of Garbage

Buzzfeed released a dossier of compromising information about Trump. John Furlong is reinstated as a UBC speaker. Disclosures aren't Jon Kay's strong suit.

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SHORT CUTS — Joseph Boyden: Two Worlds, Two Debates

Joseph Boyden is a celebrated, award-winning indigenous novelist - who might not actually be native.

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