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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New Short Cuts every Thursday.


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SHORTCUTS – Andrew Scheer Does Not Want His Name In Headlines With The Rebel

The Conservative Leader doesn't like being asked about his ties to The Rebel. Plus, coverage of Gord Downie's death and freed hostage Joshua Boyle.

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SHORT CUTS – Sour Gas, Racist Soap

A sour note on a huge investigation into sour gas, coverage of the Liberals' tax plan and the sneaky way CBC journalists can criticize the CBC.

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SHORTCUTS – Will You Denounce Terry Milewski’s Moustache?

Coverage of the Edmonton terror attack, the CBC's bizarre interview with Jagmeet Singh and media reaction to the new CanCon plan.

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SHORTCUTS – It’s Important To Kick These People When They’re Down

Some unsolicited advice for This American Life. And the Globe and Mail launches a project to teach kids about media manipulation... through media manipulation.

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SHORTCUTS – The Wab Kinew Situation

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SHORTCUTS – We Support You, Hostile Idiot!

Jagmeet Singh gracefully responded to a racist idiot, which proves he can lead a major political party we guess. Also, racism is totally not a problem anymore, according to the most widely-read columnists in the country.

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SHORT CUTS – Enough About Antifa, Let’s Fight Fascists

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SHORT CUTS – Mommy, Where Do Issues Come From?

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