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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New CANADALAND episode every Monday.


  • Jesse Brown


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How We Cover Israel

Last week, Israeli forces killed over 60 people and injured thousands more at a protest in Gaza. How did Canadian media cover it?

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Robo Reporters and Blockchain Broadcasts

While journalists worry about Facebook algorithms and digital advertising, every other industry gets to be excited about technology. So today, we try our hardest to find the positive tech stories for the news industry.

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The Pipeline Approval Was Rigged

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The Manosphere

How did an online subculture of lonely men inspire the murders of 10 people in Toronto?

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What’s The New York Times Doing In Canada?

More than a year after their expansion into Canada, the New York Times is holding its own against our native media. And they're doing it with only three reporters. But what exactly is their goal here?

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Journalism On Trial

We hear from two Canadian journalists currently facing legal consequences for doing their jobs. The outcomes of these cases could set precedents for how the press is allowed to operate.

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The Great Satan Of The CBC

Richard Stursberg was the most hated CBC executive in recent history. What advice does he have for Catherine Tait, the CBC's new president? And what does he have to say about his own infamous legacy?

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