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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New CANADALAND episode every Monday.


  • Jesse Brown


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Last Chance For Newspapers: Inside La Presse

The newspaper business is in rapid decline. Can non-profit status save newspapers in Canada?

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Authors Are Getting Bloody In The Culture Wars

The book world has been thrown into turmoil by sexual assault allegations, inter-generational fighting and questions over Indigenous ancestry. Is this inside baseball for a tiny industry, a microcosm of the culture wars or a battle over who gets to tell Canada's story?

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The Legend Of Weed Toque Girl

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Jesse Meets WNYC’s On The Media

On The Media was one of the main inspirations for CANADALAND. This week, Jesse meets them.

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Taxing Porn (And Everything Else) To Pay For CanCon

Canada's broadcast regulator has put forward a proposal to tax everything from porn to podcasts to help pay for CanCon.

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Famous Anonymous: Celebrity Media In Canada

How do you cover celebrities in a country that's so bad at making them?

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Journalists Are Done With CBC Stealing Their Scoops

Why is CBC so bad at giving credit for stories that other news outlets broke?

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How We Cover Israel

Last week, Israeli forces killed over 60 people and injured thousands more at a protest in Gaza. How did Canadian media cover it?

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