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Media criticism. Self-abuse. If someone else were doing this, I wouldn't have to. New CANADALAND episode every Monday.


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My Awkward Date With Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley talks about how she helped Jesse break a major story. And she discusses domestic abuse, sexual harassment and assault, and the culture that fuels it.

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It’s The End Of CanCon As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly had the thankless task of crafting a new culture plan that was sure to disappoint. She is now being viciously attacked by the press.

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Saudi Arabia Is Using Canadian Weapons Against Its Own Citizens And Nobody Seems To Care

Over the summer, videos came out that appeared to show Saudi Arabia deploying Canadian combat vehicles against their own citizens. And it barely made a splash in the Canadian media.

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Blame Michael Enright

Michael Enright got Jesse his first job in radio. He was also CANADALAND’s first ever guest, drinking bourbon and talking shit about the Canadian media. For our 200th show, he’s back to talk about how the media has changed since that day.

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TIFF Is A Monster That’s Eating Itself

Every year, Toronto hosts some of the biggest stars in Hollywood as they debut their new films. But is the Toronto International Film Festival actually good for the city?

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Punching Nazis… With The Law!

Who thought we'd have a Nazi problem in 2017? Richard Warman did. Years before the current "Should I punch a Nazi" debate took off, he attacked neo-Nazis with the law. And the media hated him.

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I Don’t Speak Sports

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Ezra’s Very Bad Week

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