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That Time the CBC Aired 10 Hours of Crickets and Church Bells

For two weeks in 1974, the CBC broadcast ten hours of field recordings from across the country on their flagship show, Ideas. A group of twentysomething composers and an avant-garde acoustic ecologist were trying to capture Canada through sound. On this episode, we ask whether that’s even possible.

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A Psychological Thriller About a Man and a Radiator

Guy Delisle slows down the kidnapping experience in his graphic novel Hostage. Cartoonists talk about who they want to trade work with.

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A Field Recording of the Body

Darcy Spidle uses a jaw harp to play his insides. Aisha Sasha John studied clown to become a poet.

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Will Jonathan Goldstein React to this Episode?

We painstakingly crafted an homage to Jonathan Goldstein's WireTap, and we haven't heard from him since.

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#hurtjae Update / Cassils Reloaded

We asked for your help getting Jonny Rotsztain's comics about the Metro newspaper published in the Metro newspaper, and we've got some news about it.

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Justice for Cartoon Jonny Rotsztain!

One man's quest to get his comics about the Metro newspaper into the Metro newspaper.

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Century Egg

Century Egg composes Chinese pop songs by Email. And a war is brewing in the Canadian art world. It's a war of loverz, haterz and haterzhaterz.

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Sabrina Jalees

Sabrina Jalees knows the work side of comedy. She's been doing standup since she was a teen and has been on TV almost as long. But she's still waiting for that dream job.

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