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A show about love for music, comic books, movies, video games, novels, comedy and everything else.


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Remembering Subservient Chicken

Author Pasha Malla recommends one of his favourite novels, the song that makes him speed, the band he was overly keen towards and an athlete's face.

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How to Set Yourself On Fire

Performance artist Cassils talks about setting themselves on fire, having their image banned in Germany and making out with Lady Gaga in the Telephone video.

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The Best Of The Imposter (So Far) pt.2

Featuring the best moments from Canadaland's new arts & culture show, hosted by Aliya Pabani.

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The Best Of The Imposter (So Far) pt.1

Featuring the best moments from the first 18 episodes of The Imposter.

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How to Be Funny in an Age of Rat Sandwiches

"I don't want to joke about my own anxiety. The world is just under a dark cloud right now." Comedians Chris Locke and Kathleen Phillips reflect on the role of comedy in troubling times, and the birth of their first child.

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Owen Pallett Has a Job

Owen Pallett turns collaborators into clients. A machine writes a love song for Aliya.

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It’s Like Scrabble In India

Leanne Simpson learns to work with the noise. Scrabble opens deep wounds in Delhi. Golboo Amani unsettles Catan.

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Sports Music for Goths

Pasha Malla and Jeff Parker find the poetry in press conferences. Hazel Meyer redefines fantasy sports. Nick Grottick wants you to smell the song.

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