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  • Aliya Pabani


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Alanis Obomsawin: 85 Years of Resistance

Alanis Obomsawin is an Abenaki filmmaker who's been challenging Canada's image of itself for the last 50 years. And she got funding from the National Film Board to do it.

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Aliya Tries Comedy

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I Pity The Country (Pt. 2)

An operatic tenor takes turn-of-the-century field recordings out of the museum and back to their original community by fusing them with new, avant-garde songs.

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I Pity The Country (Pt. 1)

Rare recordings of Indigenous folk, rock and country are re-issued, turning the spotlight back on trailblazing musicians from across the continent.

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The Heart Says No

In the new season of The Heart podcast, Kaitlin Prest gets men to open up about that time when they didn't get consent, but did it anyway. We ask how she pulled it off.

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The Indigenous New Wave

From experimental DJs to punk bands and soul singers, a surge of artists are creating modern, groundbreaking Indigenous music.

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Why There Are No Period Films About Black People In Canada

Filmmaker Charles Officer is done trying to convince people his stories have an audience. After struggling to get funding for fictional movies, he turned to digging up true, forgotten stories of Black Canada.

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That Time The CBC Aired 10 Hours Of Crickets And Church Bells

For two weeks in 1974, the CBC broadcast ten hours of field recordings from across the country on their flagship show, Ideas. A group of twentysomething composers and an avant-garde acoustic ecologist were trying to capture Canada through sound. On this episode, we ask whether that’s even possible.

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