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  • Aliya Pabani


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No, However…

Improv’s about saying “yes, and...” to everything. It’s about building a limitless environment for playful and absurd moments to surface organically—but when your boundaries are crossed, how do you push back?

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Aliya Does Improv

Saying yes to everything is an excellent approach to improvisation, but it's a terrible idea in life. So what happens when worlds collide?

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Lido Pimienta’s Next Baby

"I see my goals and the things that I want so clear that if I'm not texting with Solange regularly, I'm nobody."

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The story of Sexcoven.mp3, a 6-hour atonal drone track that got teenagers high in the late nineties.

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Cadence Weapon and The Black Experience in Sound

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Music for Plants and the People Who Love Them

At the height of the New Age movement, there was a lot of music for plants. But there was only one Plantasia.

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The Man Who Scored the World

The story of the most innovative instrument of the 20th century, and the Maritimer who invented its sound.

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Towards a Theory of the Hoser

From Bob and Doug McKenzie to Letterkenny, the story of Canadian film and television is littered with Hosers. But what do they mean?         

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