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  • Aliya Pabani



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The Movie Written By Five-Year-Olds

A ten-year-old leads the revolution on Youtube. An interview with two child screenwriters goes badly. A dad and daughter review Mac DeMarco's old band.

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Anupa Mistry is Done with the 6ix

The Fader's Anupa Mistry on a strange early clip of the Weeknd, new music you should pay attention to and why you should stop talking about the 6ix.

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Waiting for a Call Back from Sun Ra

Kapwani Kiwanga sends a message to Saturn. SlowPitchSound goes to Wonderland. Rajni Perera launches deities into space.

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Austra Takes Control

Austra talks about her awkward CBC dance party, her days in an ostracized riot grrrl band and learning to own her music.

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Theme for an Asylum

Folk songs from a 19th-Century asylum for women, collected by the alter ego of Simone Schmidt.

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Pineapple Pizzagate

Emily M. Keeler listens to one song seven times a day, goes on Instagram and ends up in the Twilight Zone, and looks for gopher holes in poetry.

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Hamilton, the Musical

Gif heritage with Sally McKay. Kiera Boult is the wizard of Canada's Brooklyn. The first movie star is from Hamilton.

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The Art Psychic

Artwork goes missing. A film hits an impasse. An artist feels stuck. They turn to fortune teller Cindy Mochizuki.

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